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  • Hustler Silver Exercise and Dance Pole Kit

Hustler Silver Exercise and Dance Pole Kit

Item# 02927770

Whether you're looking for a great new workout or a super sexual way to spice up the bedroom you need the officially licensed Hustler Silver Exercise and Dance Pole Kit! This classic silver dance and exercise pole features non-slip pads so it can easily be installed from floor to ceiling. Practice all of your newfound stipper pole moves on this bedroom must-have! You'll love how easy it is to get in shape any time you please and bust out some sexy dancing for your partner that will surely put a smile on their face.

Installation insructions: Step 1. Attach the padded ceiling cap to the top of the pole. Step 2. Slot the 2 sections of the dance pole together with ceiling cap facing the ceiling. Step 3. Twist the top section of the pole clockwise to extend. Extend pole approximately 3-4 inches beyond the height of your ceiling. Step 4: Install by pushing the padded ceiling cap towards the ceiling. Spring will flex to allow you to fit the pole firmly. Slowly release pressure until the base of the pole is firmly pressed against the floor. Step 5: Make sure the pole is erected straight before use. Pole can be more permanently fixed by adding screws through the alloted spaces in the ceiling cap.

  • Officially licensed
  • Max Capacity: Up to 160 pounds
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • 84"
  • Rubber non-slip pads for maximum stability and protection
  • Can be used from floor to ceiling on hardwood or carpet
  • Includes:  Poles, screws, and instructions
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