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Grow a Girlfriend

$1.99 - In Stock Item# 02748457
Women come is all shapes and sizes, so when faced with the daunting task of finding the perfect one, most guys could use a little help. How 'bout growing your own? With this Grow A Girlfriend, a man with very little skill (isn't that most men?) can simply drop our tiny lady into a glass of ordinary tap water and in 72 hours - she's available to go out on the town, watch the game with you and more. Take the mystery out of meeting that special someone, and grow a girlfriend yourself.
  • Novelty gift
  • 2.5" tall prior to growing
  • Place into glass of water and watch as it grows 6 times its original size
  • Girlfriend will begin to grow after 2 hours - reaching full size in 72 hours
  • Girlfriend will slowly shrink when removed from water.
  • Can be grown again and again
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