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Blood Gel

$3.99 - In Stock Item# 00111484

Make Up Tips
Play with your food this Halloween, if you happen to be a vampire – with this realistic Blood Gel. The remnants of your last meal are dribbling down your chin with the help of this gory Halloween makeup, which is Non-toxic, safe, easy to use and peels off instantly! For a freaky just-ate look, squeeze some on the tips of Vampire Fangs, sold separately.

  • 1 oz tube
  • Non-toxic, safe and easy to use
  • Turns from liquid to solid in minutes
  • Requires heating. Always loosen cap prior to heating.
  • No reapplication necessary--lasts for hours
  • Peels off instantly
  • Applicator included
  • Reusable
  • Date listed on product is manufacturing date. 
  • Product shelf life 4-5 years.
  • Suggestions for use:
    • Vampire: Dribble down chin or on fang bites
    • Prize Fighter: Create a bloody nose
    • Zombie: Pick at gel to create rotting effect
    • Doctor: Dribble down scrubs and carry a dripping body part
    • Decoration: Leave bloody handprints on a table setting
  • See precautions on bottle for safe use. Do Not Swallow. May stain fabrics or surfaces.


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