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Animated Samantha Prop

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Just one reason you never want to babysit on Halloween - little Samantha will take you for a sucker if you don't look out! Even the playground isn't safe with Samantha on the loose - she's a biter and she has a mean disposition, even on a sunny day. Her head turns, her eyes glow red and she utters scary sounds - sounds like she's related to Rosemary's Baby or Linda Blair (do you see a resemblance because we do!)


  • The motion activated Animated Samantha Prop is a whirlwind of activity - she emits creepy sounds, her LED eyes glow red, her head actually spins while she utters her evil noises.
  • Dressed in a lace-trimmed party dress, she holds a red and white lollipop in her hands and she does not want to share.
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Optional try me button sold separately

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