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Animated Hunchback Treater Greeter Standing Prop

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Hired help is so hard to find - you'd be amazed what sort of creatures show up! The Animated Hunchback Treater Greeter will welcome guests with a few choice words...in fact he has quite a repertoire of spooky sayings he issues as his head moves from side to side and up and down. This fellow stands a full five feet tall and bears a tray for serving guests whether they like it or not!




Head moves side to side and up and down as he utters these funny phrases:
1. Take a treat. I hope you get a charge out of it.
2. Woah, these tasty morsels are fresh from the lab. Delicious.
3. Don't worry. I made sure the treats no longer scream when you bite into them.
4. If you see any of the treats start to move, just bash them with a hammer. That usually works.
5. What's the matter? You don't want a treat? Oh, the master won't like that at all.
Realistic robe dress; Functional candy tray.

For indoor use only.

Stands a full five feet tall; indoor use only.

Uses standard household electricity.


Sold Out.

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