When trying to decide between two sizes, choose the larger size for a better fit.

Smallup to 6695-110
Mediumup to 66110-135lb
Largeup to 67135-155lb
Extra Largeup to 67155-175lb
Small/Mediumup to 67up to 135lb
Medium/Largeup to 67up to 155lb
Large/Extra Largeup to 67up to 175lb
1Xup to 68up to 210lb
2Xup to 68up to 220lb
3Xup to 69up to 230lb
4Xup to 69up to 240lb
1X/2Xup to 68up to 220lb
3X/4Xup to 69up to 240lb
Men's Tee Shirt Sizing Chart Diagram