Happiness Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your jewelry for any reason, we will replace or exchange it. It's that simple.

Happiness Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your jewelry for any reason, we will replace or exchange it. If the item is no longer available, we will replace it with an equally-valued piece of jewelry of your choice.

How it works:

For any reason, jewelry exchanges are easy. No questions asked.
Simply contact us at
Email: GuestServices@spencersonline.com.
Call: 1-800-762-0419
Or via Live Chat: https://www.spencersonline.com/content.jsp?pageName=Contact

Pierced Nation

For every piece of qualifying jewelry (qualifying jewelry for purchases and redemptions excludes necklaces, bracelets, rings and free items) you buy, we’ll give you one punch on your Pierced Nation Club Card ("Card").

Get your Card punched for your online jewelry purchases! Bring your packing slip that was mailed with your order to any Spencer’s store and receive Pierced Nation Club Card punches on qualifying items. For additional questions or support, please email guestservices@spencersonline.com

When you have purchased 6 pieces of jewelry and your Card has been punched 6 times, you will receive one piece of body jewelry valued up to $14.99. The Card must be presented at a Spencer’s store to receive the jewelry or when returning merchandise.

The Card is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash or payment on a credit card. The Card cannot be applied to tax, shipping, gift cards, or prior sales. Spencer’s Associates are eligible for this promotion. Spencer’s is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Spencer’s reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. The Card remains the property of Spencer Gifts LLC, 6826 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234.

Sizes and Charts

How to Measure Your Piercing
To ensure that you select the best and right size body jewelry for you, please use this guide to cross-reference the length, diameter, and gauge size of your jewelry (refer to the illustration below).

Common Measurements
Although not every piercing is the same, most piercings have a couple of different gauge sizes. If you’re looking for new body jewelry and aren’t sure which size gauge is right for you, reference this average gauge sizing chart. However, your piercer will always know best.

Care Instructions

Cleaning your body jewelry regularly with antibacterial soap and warm water will help keep your jewelry looking and feeling its best. Always remember to not use any harsh, alcohol-based chemicals as this may cause tarnishing to the jewelry.

For jewelry that has threading, be sure to not over-thread or apply excess pressure when add or removing beads as breakage may occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're buying body jewelry for the first or the hundredth time, you likely have questions about how to clean your new product or how to figure out which size is right for you. At Spencer's, we know jewelry inside and out. Read on for all the answers to your most pressing questions and customer support options.

What’s the difference between externally and internally threaded barbells?

Simply put, the difference is in how the balls are screwed onto the bar. For internally threaded pieces, the ball screws into the bar. For externally threaded pieces, the ball screws onto the bar.

What’s the best way to store my jewelry?

The most proper way to store jewelry is by keeping it in a fabric-lined box. Some jewelry storage cases even use a special anti-tarnishing fabric that will help keep your favorite pieces looking new for longer.

How do I know what gauge size I need?

Please keep in mind that gauge sizes can vary between manufacturers as there is no universal regulation on companies to make a standard size for body jewelry. That being said, body jewelry can differ anywhere from .5mm to 1mm. If you are unsure of your gauge size, please consult your piercer before purchasing more jewelry. Remember, the higher the gauge size, the smaller the wire.

What material is used to make your jewelry?

The two most common materials found in our body jewelry are surgical steel and acrylic.

Surgical Steel: Incredibly affordable & available in a variety of styles for any piercing type
Acrylic: Versatile, lightweight and comes in a variety of colors and patterns
Titanium: One of the highest quality, purest metals available, it’s scratch-resistant, lightweight and stronger than steel
Glass: Smooth and clean surface that’s cool to the touch and easy to clean.
Stone: Natural and lightweight material that comes in a variety of colors
Silicone: Crazy comfortable, flexible, soft and available in a variety of unique colors
Bioplast: Biological plastic that is flexible and metal free
Organic: This material includes wood, stone, shell, horn, or bone. Usually, organic pieces are hand-carved

How do I stretch my piercing?

There are many different methods for stretching your piercing, but we recommend that you reach out to your piercer for further assistance.

How long does it take my piercing to heal?

Everybody reacts and heals differently, so we can only provide a general timeframe for how long it may take for different types of piercing to heal. It is best that you speak with the piercer before getting pierced to discuss how to properly care for your new piercing and how long you should wait before trying to change your jewelry.

Some of your pieces state they are anodized. What does this mean?

An anodized item means that the metal has been treated to an electrolyte bath in order to change the color.

Return Policy

At Spencer’s, we take our customers’ safety very seriously, and we believe that re-selling body jewelry may put that at risk. In order to protect your health and wellbeing, we do not accept returns on body jewelry. However, we will happily make an exchange for you in the event of a manufacturer defect.

If you have any issues or concerns about the quality of your body jewelry, we will accept exchanges, no questions asked.

Guest Services

Our Guest Services team is ready to help! Feel free to contact us at

Call: 1-800-762-0419. Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm EST.

We also have late-night support 7 days a week! Simply click on the live chat option at the top of our webpage at spencersonline.com
or email us at GuestServices@spencersonline.com We will help with care and handling tips or ship you a replacement if necessary.