If you're ready to get wet and wild, Spencer's naughty toys inventory offers a wide range of waterproof vibrators. Here's more information about the types of vibes you can splash around with.

              What is a waterproof vibrator?

              Vibrators are famous in the world of sex toys, known for multiple speeds, intensities, and clitoral and internal stimulation. Waterproof vibrators are resistant to water, and come in styles like clitoral, rabbit, and G-spot. These special vibrators are perfect for bringing into the shower or on vacation, as they're often rechargeable and can give you pleasurable vibrations you crave no matter how wet things get.

              You can get as wet as you want with these waterproof sex toys, which can join you for some underwater frolicking when you want to relax, sink back and let erotic pleasure take you away. No matter how you like to play, from rabbit vibrators to bullet vibrators, you can find the exact toy you're looking for to get the vibes that you crave the most.

              Where can I use a waterproof vibrator?

              • Using a vibrator in the shower

              If you and your lover enjoy showering together, then a vibrator can make the perfect addition to your routine. The combination of the hot water and vibrating pleasure will create a moan-worthy experience you won't soon forget. You can give the toy to your lover and let them take control, giving you a hands-free experience that's sure to make any shower steamy. Talk about indulgence!

              • Using a vibrator in the bath

              Maybe bathtime is your special hour of the day you look forward to, your precious alone time that helps you wash off the stress of the workday and indulge yourself. Everyone has their own way to unwind, and an orgasm in the bathtub isn't a bad way to end the day. If that’s the case, a waterproof rabbit vibrator can be fully submerged and will help you truly unwind as you get off under the warm water in complete privacy. This fun rabbit toy allows you to enjoy clitoral stimulation, penetration, and the feel of water surrounding you all at once. Or, if you'd rather just focus on your clit, then a waterproof bullet should work just fine for your vibrator needs.

              • Using a vibrator in the bedroom

              Sure, this one is obvious, but it's true nonetheless! Whether you go from the bedroom to the bathroom, or vice versa, a vibrator can always make your night much more fun. Even if you don't plan on submerging your toy often, a waterproof vibrator still leaves the option open, while providing mind-blowing pleasure--with or without water. Guys, don’t feel left out: we have men’s sex toys like waterproof cock cages so you can get harder and give your partner even more pleasure in any room of your home.

              • Using a vibrator on vacation

              Whether you’re going on an exotic vacation and want to get off in an outdoor shower, a soothing hot tub or a bathtub built for two, or are engaging in some shower sex with your partner, waterproof vibrators are just the fun accessory you need to give your lovemaking a boost. Try a waterproof bullet vibrator any time you need that extra stimulation--and they're usually discreet, which is a bonus for traveling. You can hold your lover around the waist and use your free hand to guide your clitoral vibrator along their sensitive skin, or get on your knees and enjoy an up close and personal show as you make them shudder with pleasure. For couples sex toys that are perfect for a honeymoon, anniversary celebration or any romantic evening, waterproof vibes are the perfect way to get up close and personal with your lover while adding some variety to your sex locations.

              Where can I buy a waterproof vibrator?

              You can get your new vibrator right here at Spencer's! Our waterproof toys come in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles, from g-spot vibrators to clitoral stimulators and wand massagers so you can get the exact look and feel you desire to make your orgasms even more intense. Our top-rated vibrators include features like being multi-speed and rechargeable, so you'll feel confident knowing you're getting the best waterproof vibrator around. Both you and your lover will enjoy the vibrating pleasures that our toys have to offer. And with our discreet shipping, no one will ever have to know your secret.