If you’re looking for a fun way to experience sexual pleasure wherever you go, grab a pair of vibrating panties from Spencer’s! You won't have to look for a discreet location to satisfy your libido. With vibrating underwear, every step you take will have you smiling widely. These fun to wear undies take sexual satisfaction in a whole new direction. All you need are batteries and a daring attitude!

              What are vibrating panties?

              Vibrating panties are simply panties with a bullet vibrator built into them. They have a pocket to fit the vibe. Your vagina feels it moving through the fabric so all you have to do is stand there! They allow you to experience the thrills of vibration while keeping your hands free. They're also a great way to allow your lover to control the sensations you feel. Just slip on the vibrating panty and hand the remote to your partner. They'll be in charge of delivering jolts of pleasure.

              Think of the possibilities! You could attend a party wearing them. They make your party banter more fun with the press of a button. You may find yourself unable to speak once the vibe goes to work. They're easy to wear and very sexy. We can't promise it will be easy not to moan out loud though! If you orgasm, you'll still have to be discreet. But think of the fun you'll have getting there.

              How far can remote vibrating panties reach?

              Amazingly, the remote control on vibrating panties can reach up to 45 feet! That means your partner can be in another room while you wear them. With their finger on the trigger, they can decide if you get vibration or not.

              Always wished your favorite sex toys were also portable and discreet? Want to have erotic toy adventures outside the bedroom? You're in luck! Put on this different kind of panty and your day is instantly transformed. Even a simple walk around the block takes on new meaning. Can you do it without blushing? What about when the wearable vibrator presses right against your clitoris?

              This special kind of intimate underwear is your wish come true. Vibrating panties let you have the best of both worlds when you’re out on the street. You'll experience the thrill of the vibrations against your most sensitive spots with no one the wiser. Unless, of course, you’re an exhibitionist who wants to let strangers in on your little secret. Think about this: You combine lingerie with a remote control vibrator. This can make even a chore like doing dishes racy!

              Maybe you like to touch your nipples while using a vibrator. But you can't hold all your toys at once! With a vibrating panty, your problem is solved. Put them on and stroke yourself all over.

              With remote control vibrating panties you feel the pulsation whether you're moving or not. You can let it buzz lightly or turn the vibe to its highest level. Even better, hand over the remote to your lover and let them decide just when you’ll receive a sexy surprise between your legs. These very special sex toys are so quiet no one has to know what’s really got you grinning. We even have easy to use wireless vibrating panties, so nobody will notice.

              Picture this: You saunter into the bedroom in red lace panties. Your lover is immediately intrigued. Then you hand over a remote control disguised as a ring. They press it, and you shiver in delight. You can share your vibrator use with your partner. If you've ever been kept on the edge of climax, you'll know how delicious the sensation can be.

              At Spencer’s, we carry several varieties of vibrating underwear to suit your personal taste. These have all been selected by our sex experts to provide maximum stimulation. Styles range from vibrating pleasure bead crotchless panties to thong panties. Panty colors range from blue, pink and purple to classic black. All of them have a vibrator inside, making them perfect for your next intimate date night or solo sex session. Some are waterproof for bath or shower hotness, too!

              Panties with a hidden vibrator make a perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding, or simply to spice things up. This intimate attire allows you to set the pace of your partner’s arousal like a wearable sex toy. Watch it build and build while you become the master of her domain. Remote control panties can turn a dinner date, night out at a club, party or any event into a very sexy celebration!

              Make sure you have a good supply of batteries so you can use your fun new vibrating panties whenever you want. They can be a part of your intimate wardrobe or a fun alternative to your favorite vibrator.

              Have questions about your new toy or any other items? We're here for you! Just click "Help" at the top or "Ask Jackie" below. Or you can contact our customer service department at 1-800-762-0419.