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Good Head Tingling Flavored Oral Sex Drops 3 Pack
Anal Fantasy Beginners Kit
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Warming Cupcake Flavored  Massage Lotion 5 Pack - Sweet Licks
KY Yours And Mine Water-Based Lubricant 2 Pack
Anal Fantasy Starter Kit
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Door Restraint Kit
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Edible Body Paints Play Kit 4 Pack

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, from a few weeks to many years, you want to get them a fabulous and sexy Valentine’s Day gift. You want your present to go beyond the thought that counts and deliver something romantic and exciting…you just don’t know where to start. We’re here to help!  Spencer’s sex kits and samplers make wonderful V Day gifts because they give you and your lover options. You can feel confident that not only will you have hours of erotic adventures ahead of you as you try the various sex toys, lotions, bondage gear or other items in the sex kit, but also that you’re likely to be treated as a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift giver because they have many things to choose from.

A holiday is a perfect time to wow your partner by taking the first step of a brand new sexual adventure. Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to try in bed but have been too busy to actually live out your fantasy, or you simply want to surprise them. Giving your partner a Valentine’s Day present such as the First Time Bondage Kit means you not only get a feather tickler, love mask, rope and more, it also gives you an easy way to talk about your kinky desires as you go through the kit together.

Even if you’re trying something you’ve done before, a sex kit or sampler gives you the chance to enjoy your favorite erotic activity in a whole new way. What man or woman wouldn’t love receiving an Oral Sex Essentials Kit for Valentine’s Day from their significant other? This delicious and fun sampler will make them want to go down, and have you return the favor. At Spencer’s, we think that’s a win/win in the bedroom!