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Multi Speed Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator 8 Inch - Hott Love
Sex in the Shower Vibrating Mesh Sponge
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Shower Sex Grip
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Pineapple Bath Bomb - Sexology

What better way to start your day or end a long night than with shower sex? Spencer’s has all the best waterproof sex toys this Valentine’s Day so you and your partner can suds up and get dirty while you’re getting clean. After all, when you’re in the mood, but it’s time to take a bath or shower, you want to continue the action directly from the bedroom. You can get naked, wet and slippery and get it on all at the same time with sex toys like a waterproof rabbit vibrator, massager, vibrating sponge or shower sex grip.

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lover, whether you’re taking a vacation or staying in for the most romantic holiday of the year, you’ll put a very big smile on their face when you introduce sexytime into the shower. Steam things up as you rub each other down, kissing, touching and making love with a little help from your new friend. Or maybe you’ve already dreamt of watching your lover touch themselves, but haven’t got around to actually asking. Live out your sexual fantasies this V Day by giving them a toy that’s truly a gift for both of you! A waterproof vibe is a wonderful way to take your erotic explorations into a new place, whether you’re vacationing with an exotic outdoor shower or at home. Perhaps you have guests but want to sneak away from some lovemaking; just lock the door, turn up the water so it covers your moans, and go to town with a waterproof sex toy from Spencer’s.