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Whether you live in a cold climate or a warm one, there’s something eternally appealing about tropical themes that make you think of places like lush, floral filled destinations. This colorful look is sure to be attention getting and set you apart as someone who doesn’t just wear the same old basic colors as everyone else. After all, who wouldn’t stop to check out the person wearing a Blue Tropical Skipper Hat with its fetching nautical theme? You can show off your sense of humor with a Go Fuck Yourself tropical tee or even adorn yourself with a hibiscus industrial barbell or other blossoming body jewelry. If flower power is your life motto, you’re probably someone who has a cheerful disposition and literally stops to smell the roses. Doesn’t everyone want to be around that person rather than a Debby Downer type? Add some of nature’s beauty to your daily routine with Spencer’s tropical clothes and accessories and you’ll discover that the future looks very bright indeed.