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Hipster Mermaid Costume
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Mermaids are more popular than ever, gracing everything from pop culture to mermaid fragrances. These beautiful sea creatures with a fish tail and a woman’s head have captures the attention of celebrities like Britney Spears, who dressed up as a mermaid, and Kim Kardashian, who gave her daughter North lessons from a mermaid. There’s even a mermaid school for the truly devoted!

Whether you want to actually be your own version of Ariel or just give off the vibe of one of these aquatic lovelies, Spencer’s has all the mermaid merch you could want. Whether you prefer to imbibe from a Drink Like a Mermaid flask or you want to bring a little bit of the beach into your bedroom with a sand castle lava lamp you can channel your love of all things underwater. You don’t even have to get wet to use them (except for the pool float)!