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Calling all hippies! If you’re feeling groovy and want to sport some colorful clothing that’ll make you feel like it’s 1969, Spencer’s has all the tie dye t-shirts you could wish for—and they go perfectly with your bellbottoms or any other jeans or pants. From bright rainbows to your favorite bands, these tie dye tees are perfect for days you want to kick back, relax and soak up some rays. You dig?

Even if you were born long after the Summer of Love, you can let that famous freewheeling spirit live on in your fashion choices. Did you know that tie dye has actually been around since far earlier than the sixties? It’s true! People in countries such as Peru, China, Japan and Indonesia made some of the very first forms of dying fabric that modern tie-dye shirts stem from. Then hippies, wanting to escape the corporate suit and tie look, turned to this form of creative and attention-getting clothing to mark themselves as part of the counterculture. The look spread thanks to celebrities like singer Janis Joplin proudly wearing it in public.

If you’re the type who likes to live their life a little bit outside the norm, who’s all about peace and love, tie dye is a perfect way to reflect that when you get dressed in the morning. Borrow the spirit of this blast from the past as a way to put yourself and those around you in an instant good mood. After all, it’s impossible not to smile when you’re rocking a tie-dyed tee, isn’t it?