Movie T Shirts

Middle Finger Michael Myers T Shirt - Halloween
Tarot Card Pennywise T Shirt - It

If you’re a movie buff who not only has favorite films, but favorite actors, lines, and directors, you want to wear your beloved cinema fandom on your t-shirts. Spencer’s has plenty of movie tees, whether you prefer rom coms, drama, action, comedy or any other genre. True film fans have their own language; they can recite almost every line from their favorites, and debate the high points, casting and most memorable moments. They can bond over loving a particular hero or heroine (or villain!) and look with disdain upon those who disagree with their refined cinema wisdom. They’ve seen every Oscar nominated film, and probably many of the indie flicks as well, and have highly vocal opinions about what the director did right, and what they got wrong. After all, that’s part of the fun of being a moviegoer, right?

If you live and breathe motion pictures, and perhaps dream of creating your own someday, your wardrobe will be pop culture savvy when you enhance it with one of these movie tees so you can proclaim your devotion to the films you know by heart.  Whether you’re having a movie night at home or going to opening night at the theater, one of these shirts will be the perfect conversation starter.