Shot glasses are a must-have addition to any bar area or party. Spencer's knows how important it is to be able to throw one back in style, so we have a wide variety of shot glasses just for you.

              Why Use A Shot Glass?

              Besides the fact that you'll look super cool, shot glasses come in handy. You can use shot glasses to drink your whiskey, vodka or tequila straight, or you can use a shot glass to measure the oz. of alcohol you're using, and create a mixed drink. Jiggers are perfect for this! Shots are the perfect way to get the party started, celebrate an accomplishment, or make a toast. If you have a bar, or you're planning to throw a banger, we suggest you have shot glasses or shooters available. Since shot glasses come in so many different colors and designs, they can act as a decorative addition as well as a barware necessity. Start a collection! Give it a shot! Get it?

              Not convinced that shot glasses are the coolest things since sliced bread? We aren't done yet. Here are a few more reasons why you should add these glasses to your drinkware collection.

              • These mini glasses are the perfect way to achieve a stiff drink for a good price. Why order a watered down drink at the bar when you can just get a shot and move on with the night?
              • You can give these glasses as a birthday gift, wedding gift, graduation gift and more.  Make it a tradition. Every time your friend's birthday comes around, they get another shooter! It's time to celebrate getting older, and the only way to do that is by drinking a bottle of your favorite liquor.
              • We have shot glasses that will match you and your personality. Want to make people laugh? We've got humor glasses. Looking for something that shows off your favorite show? Try a glass with a logo and #represent. For those of you that want everyone to know what's in your cup...Spencer's has officially licensed Fireball Whisky glasses just for you. Ooh, it burns so good.
              • If you need to match your drinking partner... we have glasses that come in a pair. How cute!
              • Once you stock up on glasses, you can use a jigger to measure exact ounces and learn how to make fancy drinks for you and your friends. You can create signature cocktails and be named the best bartender in your friend group. Did someone say "martini?" Shaken or stirred? Tequila spritzer? Coming right up! Whiskey and soda? Would you like a lime with that?
              • Not a huge fan of hand washing your dishes? Not an excuse. A handful of our glasses are dishwasher safe. #Win.
              • Clumsy? Not so sure how to handle items with care? Say "no" to glass and go with plastic freezer shot glasses as a safety precaution! They also look really, really awesome.

              Do we need to keep explaining to you why 2 oz. shots are OUNCES of fun or did we make it pretty clear? What are you waiting for? Add some shooters to your glassware collection. Come on... Just give it a shot! There's that pun again...