Fleece Blankets

Straw Hat Crew Fleece Blanket - One Piece
Marshmello Reversible Fleece Blanket
Group Dragon Ball Z Fleece Blanket
Coraline Key Reversible Fleece Blanket
Kawaii Juicebox Sherpa Fleece Blanket

When it’s cold outside, you can stay warm with Spencer’s wide selection of fun fleece blankets. Our cozy soft blankets feature your favorite TV and movie characters, from Rick and Morty to Harley Quinn to Jack Skellington, so you can keep warm and toasty while you’re watching them on the small screen. Spread one of these plush blankets out over you while you’re hanging out on the couch, or curl up under one with your BFF or significant other; they’re big enough that they can fit one or two people. Our fuzzy blankets are the perfect way to keep your dorm bed cozy no matter the weather outside; it’s lighter than a comforter but sure to heat you up. Or you can bring a throw blanket to the office and keep it over your shoulders when the air conditioning gets to be too cold. We never want you to shiver, and with these ultra warm blankets, you won’t have to! They also make great holiday gifts, because who doesn’t want to be nice and toasty? From A Christmas Story fleece blanket to Rugrats, Marilyn Monroe, Metallica and more music and pop culture icons, everyone will find one that makes them eager to wrap it around them.