Maybe work or school doesn't allow piercings, or maybe you just want a break from all of your fabulous body jewelry. Either way, you can keep your piercing happy and maintain your unique style with our selection of retainers!

            What Kind of Piercing Retainers Are There?

            Spencer’s carries a wide variety of piercing retainers for just about any type of piercing you’re looking to retain. 

            Lip Ring Retainers

            Lip piercings are stylish and really help you stand out in the crowd, but they’re not always accepted at school or in the workplace. Wearing a clear ring retainer will help you preserve your treasured piercing so you can pop your regular jewelry back in whenever you want it again. These retainers are most suitable for those who normally wear a captive ring or a stud in their lip.

            Nose Stud Retainers

            No matter whether you wear a stud or a hoop to accessorize your nose, a clear L-bend nose stud retainer will keep your piercing open when you can’t wear your beloved body jewelry. These jewelry pieces have a small ball on the end that mimics regular nose stud jewelry.

            Barbell Retainers

            Clear acrylic barbell retainers can be used in place of tongue, cartilage, nipple, or any other piercing types where a typical barbell is used. 

            Plug & Taper Retainers

            More often than not, plugs and tapers are normally not allowed to be worn in school or the workplace because they are the biggest, and usually most noticeable, body piercings. With clear plug and taper retainers, it makes these body modifications a little less noticeable.

            Eyebrow Ring Retainers

            Whether you normally wear a beaded captive ring or a curved eyebrow ring, Spencer’s sells multipacks of clear retainers for you to choose whichever style you want and also allow you to switch it up when you feel like a change.

            What Material Are Piercing Retainers Made Of?

            Piercing retainers sold at Spencer’s are made of acrylic, so they are all generally hypoallergenic. However, it is important to keep in mind that everyone’s body and skin may react differently to various materials.

            How Long Can You Wear a Piercing Retainer For?

            You can wear a retainer for as long as it feels comfortable. There is no standard on how long you should or shouldn’t wear piercing retainers, but if it starts to get uncomfortable, we suggest removing and replacing it with your everyday jewelry.
            If you need a nose piercing retainer, then you can grab a clear nose stud or septum retainer to keep your boss or your parents from scolding you all day long. Whether you want a retainer for your eyebrow, a clear nose ring, or clear plugs to keep your gauges open, Spencer’s has just about any kind of piercing retainer that you could need.