If you're looking to add a sexy spin to your lingerie collection, look no further than the Spencer's, full of garter belts, garters and nipple pasties! These arousing, eye-catching garments are sure to make your lover want an up close and personal look. 

              Before we tell you all about the sexy styles we offer, here's some general information about this alluring type of underwear.

              What is a garter belt?

              A garter belt, also known as a suspender belt, is worn around the waist and features straps to hold up stockings. Most garter belts have four straps, though some can have more. They were originally popular in the 1920's, but have gained a fashion comeback in more recent years. Garter belts add sex appeal while also performing a valuable function.

              Garters can hang from a bodysuit, and are used to hold up stockings. Another type of garter is the wedding garter, which goes around the bride's thigh and is largely symbolic.

              Why do women wear garter belts and garters?

              Women wear garters and garter belts for one major reason: they're sexy! If you enjoy wearing thigh high stockings, garters are an exciting way to show them off. While some thigh high stockings stay up on their own, others require being fastened to garters.

              Wearing garters is also practical for those who don't want to wear full coverage pantyhose. A garter belt set can be coordinated with your stockings for a complete sensual look.

              Wearing them is the complete opposite of putting on a pair of granny panties. While both are functional, garters and garter belts signal that you've taken your time getting dressed in this intimate attire. They show that you care about the finer things in life.

              There's a ritualistic aspect of putting on garters that many women adore. Making sure they are in the right place and that your stockings, especially with a back seam, can be a part of your foreplay during date night.

              Do I need to wear panties with a garter belt?

              Whether or not to wear panties with a garter belt is a personal preference. Since it goes around your waist, a garter belt doesn’t substitute for panties. They can be worn together, such as a garter and panties set, or you can go commando. If you’re keeping your garter wearing to the bedroom, going pantyless simply adds to the erotic intrigue.

              We sell garter belts that you can wear with your favorite stockings as well as garter and panties sets.

              What are nipple pasties?

              Nipple pasties are nipple coverings that come in a variety of shapes. They can be worn instead of a bra. You can wear nipple pasties beneath a sheer top or piece of lingerie or even without a top.

              Women enjoy wearing nipple pasties because they're fun and sexy. We've all had days where we're simply tired of putting on a bra. Pasties are a perfect alternative that keep your nipples covered while adding a unique fashion element.

              To further spice up your intimate attire, we have a range of fun nipple pasties. These nipple coverings come in cute designs such as pizza and cupcakes, or sexy glitter black hearts. You can wear them under a sheer top or on their own in the bedroom. You can even wear them out at a festival if you want to bare almost everything.

              If you want to signal that you’re in the mood to play, nipple pasties let you twirl, seduce and show off. Plus they’re a lot of fun to put on and strut your stuff. You can get pretty pasties with tassels to show off your best burlesque moves or one of our raciest versions, the Hott Luv Extreme vibrating heart pasties for an extra little jolt of pleasure.

              One of the greatest things about wearing pasties is that you have the option of how much you want to show off these sexy nipple stickers. Maybe you’re at a music festival and aren’t allowed to go totally topless, but you can get around that by rocking your favorite nipple pasties. Or you might opt for hologram star or black glitter pasties beneath a mesh top, thin t-shirt or tank or any other outfit that’s a little revealing.

              What types of nipple pasties and garters are available?

              Spencer's sells a range of colors and styles of garter belts, garters and nipple pasties in regular and plus sizes to suit your tastes.

              Some of our most popular items are black lace garter set, three-piece caged lace garter and g-string set and crimson lace garters and panties. 

              Some of our latest include a strappy bodysuit with garters and a studded white lace thong panties and garter set. For an exciting spin on the look, we’ve even got a black mesh dot bow garter belt. We have garter belts and lingerie garters in white, black, red, pink, purple and more vibrant colors.

              For nipple pasties, you've got your pick of seductive as well as twee versions. So if you’re in the mood for hearts and stars, you can choose those shapes, or go more playful with ice cream cones pasties.

              If you want to wear lingerie that says "look at me," Spencer's has you covered. Our fully stocked pasties and garters selection is sure to lead to some steamy nights!

              Have any questions before making your garter belt, garter or nipple pasties purchase, or anything else? We're here to assist you! Contact our Customer Service department by clicking "Help" above or "Ask Jackie" below. You can also reach us by phone at 1-800-762-0419.