Party Lighting

Sam String Lights - Trick 'r Treat
Pennywise String Lights - It
Jason Voorhees Pathway Markers Decorations - Friday the 13th
Freddy Krueger Pathway Markers Decorations - A Nightmare on Elm Street
Pennywise Pathway Markers Decorations - It
Light-Up Sitting Reaper
Jason Voorhees String Lights - Friday the 13th
Freddy Krueger String Lights - A Nightmare on Elm Street

Turn on your party lighting and set up the beer pong tables as you throw the most epic dorm party in history! Don’t let the ambiance of the room fall flat, so use lava lamps and watershow speakers to bring the party to a poppin’ vibe! If you want to start up your blacklight party, then you have to have the best black lights around and Spencers has all the bulbs, posters and accessories you need and more! For an outdoor party, lighting may seem a bit tricky, but have no fear, Spencers has all the outdoor party lights you need! From a black light spot light to a strobe light, your outdoor party will still have some colorful effects!