Who says that you should only wear one style of nipple jewelry? Why not have a variety of nipple jewelry to choose from all the time? At Spencer’s, we have a large selection of nipple jewelry multi packs to help you accessorize for any outfit or occasion! Go simple with a standard colored nipple ring set or add a touch of shimmer with a nipple barbell and captive multi pack that are accented with colorful rhinestones.

              What Kind of Nipple Jewelry Comes in Multi Packs?

              A variety of body jewelry is available in multi packs! For nipple jewelry specifically, Spencer’s sells nipple barbell and captive sets as well as nipple barbell and horseshoe sets. However, these aren’t just your average nipple barbells that come in multi packs. These nipples barbells are super trendy and come in colors like rose gold and with stylish accents like rhinestones. The same goes for horseshoes and captives—grab a nipple jewelry multi pack that has a turquoise –effect on the beads or iridescent rainbow coloring the ring itself. The options are endless!

              Why Would I Need a Multi Pack of Nipple Jewelry?

              You could want a multi pack of nipple jewelry for a variety of reasons! Maybe you get tired of wearing the same jewelry every day and prefer to change it up often. Maybe you like to coordinate your nipple jewelry to your outfit. Or maybe you go to a lot of special events and want your nipple jewelry to stand out more so on those days compared to others. Whatever your reasoning may be, it never hurts to have a variety of body jewelry options always available at your fingertips!
              When you can’t settle for just one pair of nipple barbells, make sure to check out Spencer’s selection of nipple jewelry multi packs that will always keep your body looking stylish and trendy. Once you start collecting more and more variety packs, you’ll see how much you love choosing which nipple jewelry you’ll wear each day! We offer these nipple multi packs along with an extensive assortment of affordable body jewelry so you'll always rock the best bling.