If you're ready to spend your time in bed getting busy, put on some sexy sleepwear! It’s no secret: a little lingerie can go a long way toward spicing up your love life. A sexy nightie or racy set of pajamas from our Spencer's will also give you the confidence you need in your everyday life.

            Why is sexy sleepwear so special?

            Sexy sleepwear makes women feel sensual. That's the key to its appeal in a nutshell. Sure, we all have days when we want to curl up in our favorite sweatpants and eat ice cream in bed, alone. But for those other days when you crave some intimate time, you need to up your nightwear game.

            Just as putting on the perfect lipstick can make you want to smile at everyone you see, putting on a racy robe or cami set will affect your mood. No matter what kind of day you've had, when you slip into one of these pieces of sexy lingerie, you'll be a woman no lover can resist!

            You'll also get to see yourself in a whole new light. When you take a twirl in front of your mirror wearing our Red Temptation Lace Romper with its deep V-neck, you'll radiate eroticism. There's no way you're putting that on then putting your head on the pillow...unless it's for a hot kiss!

            These short, sexy pieces are a far cry from a boring long nightgown or oversized tee. These are both comfortable and incredibly alluring.

            Our sexy kimono robes come in regular and plus size. Wear just a pair of panties beneath them, or nothing at all! A robe is the perfect loungewear that also turns you into a gorgeous present for your lover to unwrap. 

            That's part of the beauty of our naughty sleepwear. There's no fashion rules you have to follow. It can be paired with other lingerie or worn all by itself. The point is to get you in an erotic mindset and to drape your body in sensuous material.

            Another wonderful thing about these arousing sleepwear options is that women of all body types can wear them. They're a perfect way to feel more confident about your body. This will be reinforced when your lover takes one look at you.

            How to incorporate naughty sleepwear in the bedroom

            There are many ways to get playful with your sexy lingerie. Your partner will be thrilled to see you in a new outfit. These nighties and robes are perfect for celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary. But you don't have to wait until just once a year!

            You can go about introducing your new see-through sleepwear in a few ways. You could change while your lover is in another room, then call them into the bedroom. Drape yourself sensually across the bed and wait for them to be wowed! Or you can get under the covers and then do a grand reveal.

            Whatever option you choose, your partner will welcome the chance to see you in a new light. Because your sexy sleepwear is much more than pajamas. It's an invitation to explore, to be playful, to get a little down and dirty. You're letting your lover know you're in the mood for anything.

            Maybe you've fallen into a rut when it comes to your sex life. Or maybe your intimate life is thriving. You can always add a little spice with our affordable naughty sleepwear. Whether it stays on for a few minutes or a few hours, it can have a lasting impact on your relationship.

            Slip between the sheets in a black chemise and robe set or a red sexy nightie. You're sending a message that you want to keep the lights on!

            You'll make your partner's heart race in in our flirty nightwear that begs to be ripped off (or gently opened so you can wear it again!). What better way to complement your sexy sleepwear than with a barely there sexy kimono robe? Not only does it pull the whole look together, it’s comfy to lounge around in, sleep in or surprise a lover with.

            So forget that ratty old bathrobe you've had forever and get ready to wear the kind of sexy sleepwear for women you've been dreaming of. They're all part of our lingerie selection that spans everything from teddies to sexy bras.

            You should feel sexy and wanted no matter whether you’re dolled up for brunch, begging to be taken by your lover on date night or simply ready to dream the night away. Rest assured knowing that we’ve got all of your lingerie needs covered with our endless styles and brands here at Spencer’s.

            If you need any guidance in making your naughty sleepwear purchase or any other items, we're here to assist you. You can reach us via the "Help" button above or the "Ask Jackie" link below. You can also contact the Spencer's Customer Service department at 1-800-762-0419.