Small backpacks are an excellent alternative to larger ones for those who only have a few items to carry. If you’re going out for a day of hiking, shopping or hanging out with your friends, a mini backpack is an easy way to store your essential belongings. Spencer’s carries a large selection of fun, affordable and fashionable small backpacks. You can showcase your favorite movie characters or add a fun element to your look with a rainbow-colored mini backpack or a black one with raven wings, among other options. We also carry a clear small backpack option. Mini backpacks are great for people who want to add a fashionable accessory but don’t want to use a purse or shoulder bag. Whether you’re carrying schoolbooks, or your daily items like keys, makeup bag, a notebook or anything else, they’re roomy enough to hold what you need without weighing you down or taking up too much space. If you know you’ll be picking up a few essentials at the store, you can put them in one of these backpacks and keep your hands free. You can use one dedicated small backpack every day or mix it up with an assortment to match your outfit. Here you’ll find an assortment of mini backpacks so you can find one that you’ll be happy to use on a regular basis.