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We see women’s sexy robes as an alluring addition to any lingerie collection. You can put on a silky robe before or after sex, letting its luxurious feel brush against your naked skin, or rub up against your lover and let them get aroused by the soft, inviting fabric.

What Is a Robe Used For?

While a fluffy, fleece bathrobe is typically used for helping you dry off after a shower, a sexy, silk robe is meant as loungewear for women. Either early in the morning or late at night, many women wear a sexy robe over their intimate lingerie to keep them covered up and a little warmer. Instead of covering up your body, ours fall at or just below the waist, showing off your legs and letting you feel hot as can be while covering up whatever’s underneath, whether that’s a risqué bra, a sensual chemise, or nothing at all. Our silk and satin robes can be tied at the waist or left open for some strategic viewing. No “wardrobe malfunction” required. 

When Should a Robe be Worn?

A robe can be worn at any time of day. The right lingerie robe gives you the ability to play hide and seek with your underthings, indulging in a fun game of peek-a-boo, with your body as the prize, to be revealed at just the right moment. Wearing a black satin robe is the perfect way to open the door when your date comes calling or to throw on after a long night when you want to cover up just a little. Our selection of women's robes range from see-through black lace to sexy satin with lace accents and even plus size robes.

If you’re a newly married woman or on your honeymoon, wearing a white bridal robe from Spencer's is the perfect way to celebrate this major relationship milestone.

What's the Best Material for a Robe?

This type of nightwear comes in a variety of different materials. Kimono robes are often seen as one of the most seductive styles mainly because of their material, style, and fit. Kimono robes are typically made from satin or polyester for a smooth, sleek look.

Hosting a bachelorette party? Get your bridesmaids a Pink Rhinestone Bridesmaid Robe while you don white as you play fun games and relax on your last night as a single lady. Whatever type of sexy robe you’re looking for, Spencer’s has one that will make you feel your most gorgeous and sensual.

If you have any questions about which sexy robe is right for you, contact us via the "Help" button above or the "Ask Jackie" button below. You can also reach the Spencer's Customer Service department by calling 1-800-762-0419.