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For underwear that’ll lift your mood as well as your breasts, put on a sexy bra and panties set from Spencer’s. These sensual matching underwear duos are sure to impress your lover. Even better? They will remind you of your sexy secret as you get dressed. Our affordable bras have the ultimate sex appeal. Your lover won't be able to resist!

There’s no better way to feel your most feminine and beautiful. Starting your morning with a lingerie drawer filled with colorful, seductive bras. Make them the first thing you put on each day to keep you in the mood.

What is the sexiest bra?

All of our sexy bras are designed to make you look your hottest. Which one's the sexiest is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe your style is all about push-up bras. We've got plenty of those! Want a see-through bra? We've got those too, such as our Mesh Harness Bra and Panties Set. Whatever type of lingerie color you prefer, Spencer's has something up your alley.

Who wears sexy bras?

Any woman can wear a sexy bra, no matter her cup size. We also carry plus size bras for fuller figures. One of the keys to pulling them off is to be totally confident. You're wearing a lingerie combo that any red-blooded person will adore. (And if they don't, they're not worth your time!)

Think about the difference between a plain, boring bra and one with even a hint of lace. The added frill is all you need to give your girls their star turn. The moment you put on any of these racy looks, you'll feel foxy and flirty.

Show off so your partner gets an up close view of just how sexy you look. Whether you're wearing a push-up bra or a school girl outfit, they'll love every angle. This type of underwear isn't for hiding. It's for flaunting! Whatever your size or body shape, put on one of these and you'll be the woman of their dreams.

Types of sexy bras

Spencer’s has the best sex bra sets for all your fashion needs. Whatever your taste, you'll find something here. From everyday cotton to sheer and sexy, strapless and front closures, these bras offer the styles you love. You can opt for a lace-trim bra to give that perfect feminine touch.

Add a risqué look to your intimate attire with a black floral lace bra that’ll be sure to seduce your partner or date. Many have underwire to give your girls the support they need. Other styles don't. You can display your cleavage or rock an open cup bra.

Most of our sexiest bras come with matching panties for the ultimate erotic underwear. There's something deeply alluring about a woman who pairs her undies. There's a built-in flirty feel to them. It shows that she takes as much care with what goes under her clothes as her outer style itself.

From the moment your bra strap peeks out from beneath your dress or top, you'll be on fire. There's a naughty tease built into wearing these sets. Putting them on before your next hot date means you're ready to score! You can even match your bra to your outfit (unless you're keeping it strictly in the bedroom). You'll be the one who knows just what's waiting underneath. You get to decide when to reveal the delicate cups in colors like ravishing red, sensual maroon or classic black.

Our naughty bras range from wetlook to strappy to mesh to bralettes and beyond. They come in a wide range of colors, so whatever type of lingerie look you prefer, you’ll find something to suit your fancy.

Looking to introduce some light bondage into the bedroom? An open bra lingerie set with wrist restraints is the perfect sexy getup that will have your lover’s heart racing. Or you can hint at naughtiness in a red harness lace bra.

Part of why we are drawn to sex bras is that they enhance our natural curves. Have you ever heard the phrase better than naked? That's what this bedroom attire provides by making our bodies into a beautiful centerpiece.

Imagine doing a seductive striptease for your date after an evening out. You tease them with a hint of a red bra strap. You knowing that once you get all your clothes off there’s even more hotness awaiting them. For them, it's a surprise, though, the totally arousing kind!

You can even make getting dressed fun and easy with a matching floral lace cage bra and g-string panties set. Whatever your cup size, whatever else you’re wearing, we’ve got you covered.

Remember: You'll own the bedroom in any of these sexy looks. Don't try to cover them up. Shake your booty and let your breasts do the talking.

If you have any questions about your bra purchase, you can always contact us. Use the "Help" button above or "Ask Jackie" button below. You can also call our Customer Service department at 1-800-762-0419.