Pranksters and practical jokers rejoice! The novelty of gag gifts and practical jokes has lasted for years, and they're only getting better--so put on your fake mustache and get ready to prank all of your friends and family with funny gifts, practical jokes, hilarious tricks, and more!

            What are some funny gift ideas? 

            Is there anything more hilarious than a perfectly executed practical joke? Whether it's your aunt sitting on a Whoopee cushion getting your co-worker with a classic office prank, there's nothing like making people laugh! From classics to fake poop and rubber chickens to a shattered screen sticker, we've got pranks to trick the whole family!

            If you're ready to pull a prank that everyone will love laughing at, or you're looking for funny gag gift ideas, then consider any of these practical jokes:

            • Toilet humor: These are an oldie, but a goodie! Jokes like these include farting machines, fake poop, fake vomit, and more.
            • Naughty humor: Definitely not for kids! You can make your lover or best friends laugh with joke gift ideas like penis shaped-candy, blow up dolls, Clone-A-Willy for any occasion!
            • Noise makers: They'll never see it coming--but they'll definitely here it instead! Make some noise with a whoopee cushion, "No!" button, voice changers, or some noise putty.
            • Shocking jokes: Zap your friends into giggles with these electrifying tricks! Have someone accidentally grab a shocking pen, shocking gag lighter, or a piece of shocking gum!

            When can I give a gag gift or make a practical joke?

            Funny gift ideas work as long as you know the person you're giving it to will laugh their butts off! Gags make great stocking stuffers for Christmas, and they're perfect for making your relatives laugh on their birthdays. If you and your friends love pranking each other, then you know surprising them with a trick is sure to go off with a hit. But if you're thinking about giving fake poop to your too-serious uncle who hasn't cracked a smile in years, then maybe you should pass on the prank and just get him golf balls instead.

            Where can I buy a gag gift?

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