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Funny Novelty Books

If your life could use more laughs, check out Spencer’s hilarious range of novelty books that are sure to have you keeling over with the giggles. How could you not chuckle at funny books like People of Walmart and 52 Things to Do While You Poo, which is the perfect bathroom book if we’ve ever heard of one. Reading doesn’t have to be the serious chore you had to do in school; it can be a pleasure that helps you forget about your worries and simply relax.

Consider Spencer's your best source for stocking up your personal library of titles that are sure to make your friends crack up just as much as you do. They are perfect for browsing while you’re enjoying a drink or simply unwinding.

Some are even more hands on, like our adult coloring books that take art to a whole new level. Come on—wouldn’t it be a blast to draw in a curse word coloring book, highlighting all those dirty words you wish you could say more often? Our coloring books range from sex positions to zombies to tattoos. We even have pop culture inspired ones such as Color Me Kanye and the official Bob’s Burgers Coloring Book.

The one set of titles we do think you’ll enjoy “studying” are our sex books. Who doesn’t want to be better in bed and learn how to please their partner? Our sex manuals cover everything from Anal Sex Basics to lesbian sex to the Kama Sutra so you can improve your sex life with every turn of the page.

Whatever type of fun reading material you’re looking for, Spencer’s adult books range from Mad Libs to tarot to cooking with marijuana—in other words, there’s something for every literary taste!