Fake body jewelry has been and still is one of the biggest trends in fashion. Because faux body jewelry isn’t permanent, it gives you the chance to play around and experiment with different types of piercings without fully committing. Always wonder how you’d look with a nose ring? Maybe you’d change your mind and want a lip ring instead? This is all doable with our collection of fake rings and hoops!

            What Are Fake Hoops?

            Fake rings and fake hoops are pieces of body jewelry that create the illusion of real body piercings without requiring you to actually pierce your skin.

            Where Can You Wear Fake Rings and Hoops?

            You can wear fake rings and hoops anywhere you would normally wear a regular ring or hoop. Hoops and rings can be worn as a nose ring, lip ring, earring, cartilage ring, and sometimes even as an eyebrow ring, belly ring, or nipple ring! Most fake rings and hoops attach and stay in place by the use of the spring-loaded ring. Essentially, these rings just clip in place.

            From the clip-on styles to ones you simply tighten onto your fake piercing location, you can try some fun and stylish fake earrings in a hoop or ring style. Find the perfect fake nipple ring or one for other parts of your body by shopping our selection of fake rings and hoops, part of our wide assortment of affordable body jewelry from Spencer Gifts.