Take on a bigger look without stretching your ears. Give all of your onlookers the illusion that your ears are stretched with a pair of fake plugs! These earrings will give you the look you’re going for without having to actually stretch your skin to the gauge of your choice.

            Fake plugs are the answer to all of your questions. Mom doesn’t want you to modify your body? Fake plugs. Not sure what you’d look like in a certain gauge size? Fake plugs. Don’t want to go through the stretching process and regret it later? Fake plugs!

            This fake jewelry comes in multiple gauge sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you. Want to look like you’re wearing a 00 gauge? Not a problem! Want to keep it on the smaller side with a 4 gauge? That’s possible, too! One of the coolest parts about fake body jewelry is that the options are endless; you can always switch it up! You don’t have to settle for one gauge size!

            How do fake plugs work?

            Fake plugs work like a normal earring. They have a post with a gauge size between 20 (0.8mm) and 16 (1.3mm). You simply insert the barbell into your pierced ear, and add the back. The backs to fake plugs are normally threaded, so be careful not to over-thread, or you could cause damage! Once they’re snug, they’re in! 

            What types of fake plugs are available?

            Fake plugs come in many different types of material, so you can choose the perfect one for your skin type. Most of our jewelry is 316L surgical steel, but we also carry some acrylic jewelry, too. Our plugs range from simple to extraordinary, and you’ll be able to pick the most eye-catching pair while browsing. Keep it simple with black fake ear plugs, or shine bright with a gold plated CZ plug!

            Body jewelry, including plugs, is a great way to express yourself. You can continuously change up your look, and express yourself however you want. You can match different outfits, and portray different styles. By experimenting with an array of different fake plugs, you’ll be able to show off different colors, different designs, and different sizes! You’ll never have to stick with just one piece of jewelry again!