What are eyebrow rings?

              Eyebrow rings are a style of body jewelry used to decorate an eyebrow piercing. They’re a popular choice in the world of body jewelry, because an eyebrow piercing is not in the center of the face like a labret or nose ring, but rather it’s off to the side to keep it out of the way of most activities. Most styles are vertical, where the barbell goes around the eyebrow, though horizontal eyebrow piercings are not uncommon.

              Are there different types of eyebrow jewelry?

              Yep! You can go sharp and edgy with spiked eyebrow rings, or show your bright and colorful side with multi-colored packs—either way, you’ll be rocking your piercing all day long! For more ideas and styles, check out our handy-dandy list below:
              • Curved Barbells: Eyebrow rings are commonly curved, so they properly fit in the eyebrow. While circular barbells and horseshoes are also popular, a curved eyebrow ring is the go-to style for many with an eyebrow piercing.
              • Spiked Barbells: Rather than have threaded balls at the ends of the barbell, this fun style features spikes. Spiked eyebrow rings come in in curved styles and even horseshoes, which can give you the awesome, edgy look you want.
              • Circular Barbells: These eyebrow rings are basically the captive rings of the eyebrow world. These barbells can be full circles or feature a horseshoe style, and the horseshoes can have either balls or spiked ends.
              • Vertical Barbells: Fit for the most common type of eyebrow piercing, vertical barbells are quite popular in the world of eyebrow jewelry.
              • Horizontal Barbells: While most styles of eyebrow rings are vertical, horizontal barbells are becoming more and more popular. Both piercings line up with the top of the eyebrow, rather than one above and one below.
              Brows are all the rage, so you should make sure that you’re rocking that perfect hoop or barbell with your own unique style. And if you want to take a break from your awesome look, or you need your piercing to look more discreet, then eyebrow retainers are great for taking it easy on your eyebrow piercing for a while.

              How often should I clean my eyebrow piercing?

              Body jewelry, especially still-healing piercings, takes a lot of time and care to maintain. While you shouldn’t remove your jewelry at all for the first 4-6 weeks while it’s healing, you can still wash the area around it when you shower. You should also clean the piercing with a saline solution. Simply use a cotton ball and press it against the piercing for under 5 minutes, or until it’s completely clean. You should also make sure to gently move the ring within the piercing; if it doesn’t move around, it’s possible that excess crust has built up underneath your skin.

              Visit our blog to learn about the different types of eyebrow piercings and frequently asking questions.

              Where can I buy eyebrow jewelry?

              You can find an awesome selection of eyebrow piercing jewelry right here at Spencer’s! You can find the perfect curved barbell to fit your eyebrow piercing, and lots of unique eyebrow rings, whether you have a horizontal eyebrow piercing or you’re just looking for something new. As part of our extensive array of affordable body jewelry, we have eyebrow bling that will make you look fabulous. No one will raise a brow when you sport an eclectic eyebrow ring from Spencer’s!