Get the foreplay party started with a pair of edible underwear for women or men from Spencer's adult products selection! There’s no better way to say “ready for action” than by slipping on some edible panties and presenting yourself as the main course on the sex buffet for your lover to feast on. Just the act of putting them on will put you in the mood; you’ll feel utterly aroused as you wear them and wait for them and you to be treated to your lover’s talented tongue.

              Spencer’s has a large selection of these edible delights that are perfect to give or get for an anniversary, birthday or a racy date night where you’re looking for some oral action. If you love using your mouth in the bedroom, you’ll be thrilled with how our edible lingerie looks and tastes. You know the phrase “good enough to eat?” That’s what you’ll be when you put on a candy bra and let your nipples peek out from the pastel colored morsels.

              Additionally, our oral sex enhancers make this totally intimate form of foreplay even more fun. Whether you're going down on him or her, you'll find giving head will be even more exciting with a tingle spray.

              If bondage is on the menu, try edible sex toys like tasty, sexy, gummy handcuffs to give yourself a taste of kink but still keeping things lowkey. Your submissive won’t be able to escape unless you or they eat their way to freedom. Put them on during sex or foreplay and you’re in for plenty of racy fun that’ll have you laughing in between moans of pleasure.

              We also carry other tempting edible sex things like chocolate body paints that you can use to decorate your lover’s naked body, then lick off your masterpiece. These fun edible items are a wonderful way to get your foreplay started as you show off your body and seduce your partner with these sweet treats. If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary present that will bring an added element of hotness to your sex life, our range of edible underwear hits the spot. You can even pair them with some sexy lingerie that after you’ve taken the last bite, your special someone has some intimate attire that they can wear again and again. They’re also wonderful bachelorette party favors, or gifts for any birthday party or girls night celebration.

              If you have any questions about our edible products or any other items we sell, contact us by clicking the "chat button in the lower right or the "Ask Jackie" button below. You can also contact the Spencer's Customer Service department by calling 1-800-762-0419.