What are ear gauges?

              Ear gauges are done by slowly and gradually stretching the earlobe. Plugs are usually double flared to keep them in place, or they're threaded so you can unscrew them easily. Other styles are single flared with an O-ring, making them easier to take on and off.

              Plugs and tunnels are popular in the world of body jewelry, because they offer a bold and awesome style that's hard to pass up. The size of gauges ranges, and can go as large as 1"--or even larger! Though most people are comfortable with the "average" range of sizes, and so they usually stay between 16G and 00G.

              What are ear tunnels and plugs made of?

              Gauges are available in a few different materials, from metal to body-friendly and organic. Check out the list below for a quick guide on common materials:

              • 316L Surgical Steel:
              • Surgical steel is a common, body-safe metal found in body jewelry. Plugs and tunnels made of surgical steel usually have threaded closure to make taking them on and off a breeze. Keep in mind that surgical steel is not hypoallergenic, so if your skin is sensitive to metals then you may want to pass on this style.
              • Silicone:
              • Body-safe silicone makes for great tunnels, because the soft material gives your ears a break from harsher styles. This is especially helpful for when you're trying to sleep! Or, if you need to tone down your gauges for work or other reasons, you can grab a pair of flesh colored plugs to keep your body jewelry under wraps.
              • Organic Wood:
              • Wooden plugs can be made of Sono, Tamarind, or Saba, and are usually double flared or single flared with an O-ring. Also, keep in mind that you should never clean wooden plugs soap and water, or wear wood plugs in the shower. Using jojoba or coconut oil will keep them from drying out and should clean them just fine!
              • Acrylic:
              • For those who enjoy a more artistic style, acrylic plugs make a great alternative to metal or wooden ones. These styles are usually double flared, and often feature fun, bright colors for an eye-catching style.
              • Glass:
              • For a sleeker look, glass is definitely the way to go. Glass plugs, much like acrylic, are usually double flared and offer an almost crystal-like style. Its nonporous, so they can be worn in the shower and washed with water, unlike wooden plugs. Just don't drop them too hard, as glass plugs can still break if they're dropped hard enough!

              Where can I buy gauges?

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