Turn an ordinary party into something a little more wild when you get everyone to play a drinking game from Spencer’s! If you're looking to have a good time (and are at least 21 years old), play a few rounds of shot roulette or another fun game, where everyone's a winner. Go ahead, get a little drunk while having loads of fun. No matter which game you choose, any of them will have everyone rolling on the floor if you've all been drinking! Not a beer drinker? That's okay! These games can be played with any type of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

            What Kind of Drinking Games Are There?

            There are so many different kinds of drinking games you can choose to play and get drunk with. There are tons of classics that you (and most likely everyone else) already know of, but there are also a bunch of new games that will be really exciting to try out at your next party! Put a new spin (literally) on Truth or Dare with this hilarious, revamped drinking card game. Looking for a drinking board game? Your stomach will hurt from laughing so hard while playing the Drunkopoly drinking game with a drink or two in your hand. Lay an old game out on the table, like quarters, and make up some new rules for it. Maybe take a drink every time the quarter misses the cup instead of only making everyone else drink when it makes it in.

            If you prefer playing dice drinking games, then we still have options for you. Looking for a table card game? Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is definitely a card game unlike any other!

            Drinking Games Everyone Will Know How to Play

            Spencer's has a wide variety of fun drinking games, including new twists on classic party games, like Drunken TowerTorpedo Shots, and Spin the Bottle drinking games. The best part about these alcohol-encouraged games? You'll be taking a drink during almost every turn. Everyone already knows the rules, so convincing the entire party to play while taking a drink should be an easy task. Looking to change up your average Power Hour? Gather around the table and break out the Shot Roulette game to get everyone drinking even more shots of any type of alcohol.

            You can always play regular sit-down games like Kings and flip cup with beer, but where's the fun is that? Flip the light switch and rack up 10 cups on each end of one of our light up ping pong tables, fill them up with beer, and play a few games of beer pong! Frat party or not, beer pong is a crowd favorite no matter who is drinking at your party. 

            Drinking Games Without Cards

            For those who don't have a deck of cards handy or simply prefer games that don't use cards, there are plenty of options! Some of the best games to play with beer, or any other type of alcohol, are games that require you to get up and move around. You may have played charades before, but we bet you haven't ever played it like this! Adult Charades is a hilarious game to play with boozey drinks or even non-alcoholic drinks for those who are underage or prefer to stay sober but still want in on the fun. So, forget the cards and boring games like Kings! Fill up a cup of beer, sip your drink, and get your buzz on while playing Wheel of Shots or any other hilarious drinking game.


            Chug that cup of beer while you browse through Spencer's online selection of drinking party games. Whether you choose a new game with cards that you've never heard of before or discover a new, drinking version of a game you played when you were younger, we have it all! Just about each and every one of these games will have you chanting, "Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!" Your booze-filled party will be a huge hit since these are the best drinking games.