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Make sure your delicates are always perfectly accessorized by stocking up on intimate body jewelry. Sport new jewelry that will help you embrace your playful and erotic side at the same time. Whether for esthetic or for pleasure, Spencer’s carries a variety of intimate body jewelry that will show off your genital piercing whenever you want to flaunt it.

What Types of Penis Piercings Are There?

  • Ampallang Piercing
An ampallang piercing goes horizontally through the entire glans of the penis. This type of piercing is almost exclusively limited to straight barbell jewelry because of the length and location of the piercing. It has been said that because of the way the jewelry sits on the head of the penis, it is not ideal for vaginal intercourse.
  • Foreskin Piercing
Foreskin piercings are obviously limited to only those who have not been circumcised, but are often used for sexual pleasure during intercourse. Captive bead rings or circular barbells are worn for this kind of piercing.
  • Frenum Piercing
The frenum piercing is located right below and underneath the head of penis. It often is less painful for most men compared to other genital piercings which makes it quite popular. Straight barbells, curved barbells, or captive bead rings are used for this kind of piercing.
  • Guiche Piercing
A guiche, or perineum, piercing is a male piercing located under the scrotal sac near the anus. It is typical to wear a captive bead ring for this type of piercing. However, because the jewelry is worn in a difficult place to heal, it is not a very common piercing.
  • Hafada Piercing
A hafada piercing is a piercing located anywhere on the skin of the scrotum where the skin can be pinched. It is typical to wear captive bead rings for this type of piercing, but straight and curved barbells are also not uncommon.
  • Prince Albert Piercing
The Prince Albert piercing is considered to be the most common among male genital piercings. A piercing goes under the head of a penis, into the urethra, and out through the “eye” of the penis. It’s common to wear 8-gauge captive bead rings for a Prince Albert piercing, but there is no standard size; it all comes down to personal preference. Some say this piercing is so common because it enhances sexual pleasure for both partners.

What Types of Vagina Piercings Are There?

  • Clitoris Piercing
A clitoris piercing is where the jewelry goes directly through the glans of the clitoris. A small captive bead ring or barbell is often worn in this area. This tends to not be a very common piercing for women because there’s the potential of nerve damage or can sometimes be too stimulating to always wear jewelry in this area.
  • Clitoral Hood Piercing
A clitoral hood piercing is either a vertical or horizontal piercing on the piece of skin that covers the clitoris. A horizontal clitoral hood piercing is also sometimes called a Diana piercing. This is one of the most common clitoral piercings for women and some say it actually increases sexual pleasure. For this type of piercing, a captive bead ring or a straight barbell is used.
  • Labia Minora and Labia Majora Piercings
Labia piercings are often pierced in pairs instead of just one individual piercing. A labia minora is pierced on the inner labia whereas the labia majora is pierced on the outer side. Almost any type of jewelry can be used for a labia piercing, but captive rings are the most common.
  • Vulval Vestibule Piercing
A vulval vestibule piercing is a piercing anywhere on the area that surrounds the vagina opening. These piercings are typically worn with captive bead rings, but it all comes down to personal preference and what makes you the most comfortable.
  • Mons Pubis Piercing
A mons pubis piercing is a piercing on the surface of the public area. If you get pierced in its center, this is considered a Christina piercing. Those with this is type of piercing most often use a curved barbell, although captive rings and other jewelry types are the preference of others.
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