If you want to strengthen your kegel muscles and make sex even hotter, Ben Wa Balls are a powerful way to feel even more sexual sensation. The Spencer's has plenty of options when it comes to this exciting adult toy.

            What Are Ben Wa balls?

            Ben Wa balls are a set of two round spheres that are inserted into the vagina to improve muscle tightness and sexual function. They may be separate or attached. Also called kegel balls, they were made popular when Anastasia Steele used them in Fifty Shades of Grey. But they go back much further in time! They've actually existed for centuries, as far back as 500 A.D. in Japan. Let’s just say--after those sex trailblazers experienced the feeling of free-floating sex toy balls in their vaginas for the first time, they were hooked and word spread throughout the world.

            How Do You Use Ben Wa Balls?

            Ben Wa balls are easily inserted into the vagina when you use some personal lubricant. The process is pretty much the same as putting in a tampon. Get comfortable, then insert one lubed up ball, followed by the next one.

            Then you can work your PC muscles (full name: pubococcygeus) by squeezing them. Once they're inside you, you can walk, sit or engage in any other normal activity. You'll be working your pelvic floor as they adjust to accommodate the weight. Want to go the extra mile in your erotic workout? Squeeze them.

            How long you wear them is up to you. A few minutes a day can lead to powerful changes. Think about other muscles you've gotten in shape. A regular routine keeps you toned. The same goes when you use these kegel exercisers.

            To remove them, simply bear down, then reach inside and take them out. Do this one ball at a time. If the orbs are on a string, use the handle to pull them out.

            Over time, you'll find your sensitive inner muscles getting more toned. This means that when you have intercourse or use a dildo or vibrator, you'll notice the difference.

            Why Do Women Use Ben Wa Balls?

            Studies show that using small, weighted ben wa balls to do daily kegel exercises will tighten the pelvic floor and bladder muscles, therefore helping to improve intimacy in ways you never thought possible. There are also health benefits in addition to sexual pleasure. Some women use them to help fight incontinence. If sneezing has ever made you pee, try them! You'll be supporting your pelvic muscles while improving your erotic satisfaction. Our customers have told us that using these erotic aids are better than doing regular Kegel exercises. The added weight helps keep you toned where it counts. Think about your pelvic floor muscles as you would building your triceps (but more fun!).

            Do Women Orgasm from Using Ben Wa Balls?

            We'll be honest: Some experience arousal from using Ben Wa balls. Some women may not feel anything. The balls themselves aren't a traditional sex toy. They aren't designed like a vibrator. Rather, they are more of a strengthening tool. Use them for a week. Then during intercourse, squeeze your PC muscles. Your partner will notice the difference and so will you!

            So, exactly who should use these little vaginal balls of wonder? Well, who wouldn’t want to sit with balls in their vagina and exercise to improve orgasm? But seriously, women over 30 or anyone who has given birth could reap the benefits of benoit balls. Benefits include restoring vaginal elasticity and supporting the bladder, uterus and rectum. Yes, bladder control is vital and easy to access. An added bonus? You'll be enabling clitoral erection during sexual arousal. Are you still a doubter? Try squeezing your kegel muscles during sex. You'll see how much better sex feels not only for you, but for your partner. Now imagine how much more intense your bedroom experiences would be with the assistance of these vaginal exercisers!

            Types of Ben Wa Balls or Benoit Balls

            Here at Spencer’s we offer different types of ben wa balls in many different materials. Be sure to experiment and find out which ones work best for you and your partner. Craving that cool, soothing feeling? Look no further than our metal sex toy balls, which quickly slide in with the help of some lube. You'll notice some balls come with a string. This makes inserting and removing them even easier.

            If you’re looking for some body-safe options, we also offer countless silicone vaginal balls like our remote-controlled silicone kegel balls, which allow you or your partner to control the 10 different vibrating functions for mind-blowing pleasure!

            These balls aren't only for women! Guys, there are special sex balls that will make you feel incredible too. Looking to step up your butt play? Try anal balls that aid in strengthening your rectum, enhancing P-spot orgasms like you never thought possible. We also carry more innovative products like the Lelo's app powered kegel beads. These vibrate as you move, so you'll be experiencing nonstop arousal.

            Whether you’re looking to enhance your sexual encounters or regain control of your body, Spencer’s has you covered. Our sex experts have chosen the most popular and powerful types of Benwa balls with your pleasure in mind.

            You don’t know what you like until you try it! So don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of vaginal or anal balls to figure out which ones rock your world. Who knows? You may wind up incorporating all of them into your naughty repertoire. Trust us—you and your partner will thank us later!