Spencer's carries all types of vibrators, including ones for anal use. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting sex toy option, part of our wide range of anal toys.

              What is an Anal Vibrator?

              An anal vibrator is a sex toy specifically designed for pleasure within the anus. Anal vibrators should have a flared base, unlike a vaginal vibrator.

              If you’ve heard of or tried butt plugs, get ready for the next step in your anal pleasure. Everyone wants to experience the most bliss in the bedroom, and these sex toys can be a thrilling way to give and receive all sorts of sexual pleasure. By adding some vibrating anal toys to your erotic repertoire, you'll treat yourself or a partner to everlasting pleasure! Spencer’s offers a wide variety of anal toys for beginners, intermediate users and professionals. If you’re curious about anal sex, or already a fan of it, an anal vibrator will really take your sex life to a new level!

              If this is your first time, you may want to check out a small anal vibrator so you can experience pleasure, while taking it easy! Our wide variety of body-safe toys for women and anal sex toys for men are designed to provide only the most pleasure, in the most exhilarating way. We have a handful of sex toys to choose from, so get to experimenting with an anal vibe, vibrating anal beads, vibrating tapered butt plugs and more!

              Anal Vibrators for Women

              Using an anal vibrator as a woman can enhance sexual pleasure immensely. It is very important that you do not use a clitoral vibrator, vaginal dildo, or g-spot vibrator when experimenting with anal pleasure. Using a toy that is specifically made for anal fun is absolutely necessary as it's designed with a flared base that prevents it from getting lose inside. There are also plenty of ways to experiment with backdoor play including using anal vibes during masturbation or with a partner. A multi-speed vibe could really spice things up and provide you with pleasure in all of your most sensitive areas. If you want to experience pleasure from every angle, try a double penetrator! Just make sure you use enough sex lube as the anus doesn't lubricate on its own. If you've never used a vibrating butt toy before, you may want to start off by using a butt plug or anal plug first.

              Anal Vibrators for Men

              Anal toys for men are also known as vibrating prostate massagers. Just like women have a G-Spot, men have a P-Spot, or a prostate. When using anal sex toys to provoke anal stimulation, men can possibly reach an orgasm and intensify pleasure by stimulating their prostate. The prostate is a very sensitive part of the male anatomy that most first-timers don't know about. Anal vibrators act as a prostate massager and stimulator, intensifying pleasure, and enhancing sexual fantasies. Experiment with anal play while wearing a cock ring, and see what new fetishes you come to love. If you've never used a vibrator in your anus before, start with a butt plug, a simple massager or practice rimming.

              Vibrators for your anus come in a variety of different materials like plastic, silicone, rubber, and more. Remember, if you're using a silicone vibrator, you must use water-based lube! Some anal sex toy vibrators are strap-on compatible, so you can go to town with your partner, and show them what intense lovemaking really feels like.

              Butt plugs, anal beads, anal dildos, and vibrating anal massagers are the perfect way to experiment if you want to work your way up to experiencing anal sex.