Because personal lubricant is a must-have for anal sex, at Spencer’s, we carry an assortment of anal lubes to make the experience the sexy, intimate, and fun one it should be.

              Is Anal Sex Just as Pleasurable as Vaginal Sex?

              Contrary to what some may think, anal sex can be just as hot and pleasurable for both parties as any other type of erotic activity. The key is making sure everyone is comfortable, relaxed and prepared, which is why Spencer's delivers the best anal gels and creams to ensure you love every second. If you’re new to anal sex or want to make the experience as fun as possible, try an anal numbing cream so that the experience is pleasurable for the both of you. Desensitizing the penetration area can help you get used to the new sensations with less initial discomfort.

              Why Is Anal Lubricant Important to Use During Anal Sex?

              It’s simple: unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t create its own juices, so men and women need lubricant to ensure that everything feels good with each step of the process. If you’re engaging in anal play and start to feel any discomfort, pause what you’re doing, take some deep breaths, relax, and re-apply more lube. Taking your time with this type of backdoor play can make all the difference. Whether you're using anal toys or engaging in anal intercourse, being properly lubricated is vital to your sexual health and pleasure.

              Is There a Difference Between Regular Lube and Anal Lube?

              Anal lubricants tend to be thicker than other types because the rectal tissue is delicate. They are designed to help you use items like butt plugs or have anal intercourse or enjoy manual stimulation. Our popular water-based anal lube is compatible with all anal toys such as plugs or anal beads, as well as latex condoms, and can be used for other types of sex, making it perfect for your bedside nightstand.

              What's the Difference Between Oil-Based Lube, Water-Based Lube, and Silicone-Based Lubricant?

              Oil-Based Lubricants - Can be used with polyurethane condoms, with all toys except those made out of latex, and washes off with soap and water
              Water-Based Lubricants - Can be used with polyurethane or latex condoms, can be used with any toys, and washes off with water
              Silicone-Based Lubricants - Can be used with polyurethane or latex condoms, cannot be used with silicone toys, does not break down in water (great for shower play!), and are long-lasting
              For anal sex, silicone lube is generally the preferred type of personal lubricant because it lasts much longer and does not sink into the skin like other water-based lubes. However, it is important to keep in mind that silicone lube is not intended to be use with silicone toys. The silicone lubricant will actually cause the silicone toy to break down which completely destroys your beloved sex toy.
              Looking for a way to spice up your anal sex life? Try a flavored, water-based lube or cream. Cherry Flavored Numb AF Anal Numbing Cream is a great way to make your anal sex game go from good to great.

              What's the Best Way to Get Used to Anal Sex?

              Even with the right lubricant, you still want to go slowly and ease your way from inserting smaller objects to larger ones (always with a flared base so it can’t get lost), checking in with the person on the receiving end to see how they’re doing. When you’re first trying anal ease your way into it by starting small to get used to the sensations; this is the case whether you’re working your way from taking a pinky finger to a larger one or using anal beads or plugs. If you’re using your hands, make sure your nails are trimmed or use latex gloves along with lube for the best experience. If you’re also in the market for anal sex training kits that are specifically designed to ease you into maximum pleasure to your bottom, we have plenty of those as well.

              Will Anal Numbing Cream Help?

              Whether or not anal numbing cream will help you enjoy anal sex more depends on each individual. Some people may find it comforting while other may not enjoy the experience. If your curious to see how you and your body will respond to it, try it out!
              Whether you’re a pro at anal sex or gearing up to try it for the first time, an anal lube will make every moment even better. Slip it under your lover’s pillow or simply place it alongside your preferred anal vibrator, butt plug, or other anal toy to show them what you’re in the mood to do tonight.