What are anal beads? Anal beads are a type of sex toy featuring rounded balls or spheres attached together that can be inserted into the anus for erotic pleasure. The balls may all be the same size, or may increase in size. They have a handle or ring at the top so they can be easily removed. This also serves as a flared base so they can't get lost. They may be connected on a string or via plastic or silicone. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, including high quality silicone.

              These balls are a wonderful introduction to anal sex, because you can insert one, two or more. You can get used to the unique feeling step by step. The user gets to experience exciting sensations as the anal beads are going in as well as coming out. You can go gradually, setting your own pace.

              Unlike an anal plug, which has a graduated shape, butt beads may be the same size or different sizes. Some people enjoy anal plus as well as beads. Some prefer one over the other. They're also different from kegel balls (aka Ben Wa balls). Those aren't usually attached, and are used in the vagina to strengthen a woman's kegel muscles.

              How to Use Anal Beads

              1. Examine your new toy

              Once you have your beads in hand, inspect them. Make sure that they are smooth all the way around. Occasionally, there may be rough edges or seams that you don't want coming in contact with your skin. You may also choose to use a condom to cover them to further protect you. Beginner or not, you should always put your sexual health and safety first.

              2. Always use lubricant

              The most important thing to remember is that you need lubricant with any anal sex toy. Because the anus isn't naturally self-lubricating, lube helps protect the rectum's tender skin. You should add enough to coat all the anal beads and the string. You can also add lubrication around the opening of the anus for easier insertion. We recommend using water-based lube since it's compatible with all sex toys. You must use water-based lubricant with silicone sex toys, as silicone versions will cause damage. You can also check out our long-lasting anal lubes. Just make sure they are compatible with your toy.

              3. Relax

              Getting your body ready for any kind of anal penetration means you need to be relaxed. We mean totally relaxed, not secretly holding your breath. This counts whether you're doing it as part of masturbation or with a partner. Get into a position with the best access. If you're flying solo, you may want to look in a mirror. Only after you're totally comfortable should you start to insert them.

              4. Start with one or two orbs

              If you're relatively new to backdoor stimulation, start with one or two at first. Put them in, then take them out. See how that feels, before adding more.

              5. Make sure it feels good

              This may seem obvious, but many people are under the false impression that anal play comes with discomfort. Not true! Done correctly, anal toys can be highly pleasurable. If it's your first time, you may find the sensation surprising. That's okay! Anal sex of any form isn't something to rush into. Some people enjoy having anal beads inserted. Others get off on having them removed.

              6. Squeeze

              Once the desired number of beads are inside you, squeeze them using your sphincter muscles. Basically, you tighten your butt.

              7. Stimulate yourself

              While some people get right to removing the beads, others like to add another form of sexual stimulation. You can have sex with a partner, use a vibrator, insert a dildo into your vagina, or play with your nipples. Anything you'd normally do to turn yourself as part of foreplay is fair game. So if you're used to having your G-spot played with, try it with these beads inside you. You may want to bring yourself to orgasm with the beads inside you. You can also wait to prolong the erotic tension.

              8. Remove your beads

              This is the piece de resistance for many thunder bead users. Why? Because as each ball leaves your body, it stimulates the sensitive tissue. This can feel incredible arousing.

              9. Clean your anal beads

              After using your beads, make sure to thoroughly clean them according to the instructions. If you used a condom, you can simply remove the condom. Store them in a safe place where they won't collect any dust or debris.

              Types of Ass Beads

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              Once they're in, you can crawl around or show off the beads for your lover, or let them tease you by removing them slowly. These sex beads are a popular adult toy choice for anyone looking to add something new into the mix in the bedroom and make their sex life even more exciting.