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Batman & Joker Dog Collar - DC Comics
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Wonder Woman Rope Dog Toy - DC Comics
Superman Dog Leash - DC Comics
Elvis the King Pet Collar
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Your pet is also your best friend, so why let them looking anything but awesome?! We have pet accessories that are perfect for letting your dog or cat rock some bling. We have some fabulous dog collars featuring Nightmare Before Christmas characters and even some superheroes. We even have matching dog leashes that show off your favorite characters. Want something different than anything else you have seen at the dog park? Pick up a talking puppy bowtie! The new thing around social media is pet shaming and we have the kit for you. You can get a pet selfie kit featuring signs that say things like "ruff day" and "check meowt". Let your pet look their best by stopping at Spencer Gifts and pick up our pet accessories.

You walk your dog every day, so why not give them a cute leash that showcases your style? Spencer’s has the best pet accessories at affordable prices, so you can dress your dog up and make them the coolest animal on the block. After all, your pet is part of your family, just as cherished as anyone else, so you want to dote on them and make them as adorable as they can be. You can make them the delight of the dog park with a Jack & Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Dog Collar.

Dogs love going for walks, so your Fido will happily bark and head to the door when you take out their Elvis the King Pet Leash and prepare to go for a stroll. Your dog is probably the king (or queen) of your household, whose happiness is of utmost important to you, so make your regular morning and evening walks even more fun with a pop culture themed leash.

For those who want to have the cutest pets on Instagram, you’ll want a Cat Shaming Selfie Kit (or one for dogs) with just the right props to bring out their most photogenic qualities and snap the kind of image that will make everyone say “Awww.” Be sure to have plenty of treats on hand to reward your animal friend for pausing their day of basking in the sun, sleeping and playing to pose for your camera. If your pet is like your baby, you’ll be showing these charming snapshots to everyone you meet, from your doctor to the grocery story cashier, how adorable your fluffy one is.