Some people get excited for the holidays because they love giving gifts. Others look forward to decking the halls of their home with festive decorations. But if there’s one thing everyone at Spencer’s loves about Christmas time, it’s the parties! That’s why we put together The Party Animal Gift Guide, which features some of our hottest drinkware, beer bongs, drinking games, and so much more. Any party lover will be especially thankful for these fun Christmas gifts because the holidays are all about having a good time. Gift them to a friend (or yourself) and prepare to get the party started!

Wine Glasses

How could you not love a wintertime wine party? Spencer’s stemless wine glasses have unique designs that are sure to make your celebration even wilder. Whether you’re planning on gifting them or adding them to your personal collection, these glasses are a must-have at any get-together.

Shot Glasses

Whether you’re hosting a casual Christmas party or a late-night bash, you can’t go wrong with Spencer’s stylish and funny shot glasses. Break out one of these bad boys, enjoy your favorite beverage, and get ready to show off those dance moves!

Beer Bongs

Hoping to take your holiday celebration to the next level? Spencer’s always has your back. Gift one of our epic beer bongs to yourself or a friend and gear up for a night to remember.

Beer Pong Tables

What’s a party without some beer pong? There’s no better feeling than running the table with one of your buddies. Grab a partner, bring your A-game, and become a beer pong champ this holiday season!

Drinking Games

Beer pong isn’t the only way to get a little friendly competition cooking at your Christmas extravaganza. Gather your friends and family for a game night with the ultimate twist. These legendary drinking games are sure to get the party pumping.

Now all that’s left to do is crank up the jams! Searching for more gift ideas? Be sure to keep up with The Inspo Spot for more gift guides and other Christmas content. Cheers to the holiday season, and please be sure to drink responsibly.