The best way to embrace the holiday season is by spreading laughter and cheer. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our best gag gifts! Gag gifts are a great way to get some laughs, and they make for perfect white elephant presents too. Spencer’s wants everyone to have an outrageous holiday, and these classic gags will certainly ensure that!

Fart Spray

This prank is sure to clear a room! Simply spray this liquid fart, and suddenly everyone will become a master detective in an attempt to identify the culprit, which could make for a fun night full of heated conversations and accusations!

White Butt Planter

A cheeky surprise for your plant-loving pals. This White Butt Planter is a great conversation starter and is sure to add some life and color to any room.

Ray of Fucking Sunshine Candle

Need a dose of pure, unfiltered joy? This candle is the perfect gift to brighten even the gloomiest day. Soak in the sarcastic warmth, and let the world know you’re the most ‘effing radiant person around.

World’s Craziest Cat Lady Trophy

The purr-fect way to celebrate your feline-loving friend (we all have one). Whether they’ve mastered the art of cat conversations or accessorize exclusively with cat fur, this trophy is a nod to their outstanding dedication as a pet parent. How meowvellous!

Beige Penis Pillow

Gift something that guarantees a laugh with this Beige Penis Pillow. Your friends can lay their heads to rest while adding a touch of boldness to any space.

Dicky Soap

Who said humor and hygiene don’t mix? Suds up while getting dirty with this penis-shaped soap and bring on the laughs with every use.

Phony Lottery Tickets

We all want to win the lottery, and scratch-offs are a fun, quick way to attempt to hit it big. Don’t you want to see someone’s reaction to thinking they won $10,000 after scratching this fake ticket? Sure, they might be angry afterward, but at least everyone else will think it was funny!

Alcohol Shot Gun

This gift takes the party to a whole new level! Pour out the fun with this Alcohol Shot Gun, which shoots a shot of your favorite drink in an instant and turns every toast into something memorable.

There you have it. We’ve given you nine of our favorite gag gifts that are sure to lighten the mood and put a smile on everyone’s face. Happy pranking this holiday season!