Are you ready to let the Irish spirit flow through you on St. Patrick’s Day? March 17th is right around the corner, and with it comes the time-honored tradition of celebrating in a way that only the Irish know how… And whether you’re Irish or not, everybody bleeds green on St. Patty’s Day. So make sure you’re ready for all of your St. Patrick’s Day festivities by picking up some of our favorite drinking games below and making this holiday one to remember (or not).

Drinkopoly Board Game

After a lap or two around the Drinkopoly board, your party guests are sure to be having a good time! This game includes everything you need for a game of hilarious proportions, including a game board, pawns, die, and cards. With a number of hilarious stops along the way, including spaces that make you sip, take shots, and jump around the board, there’s no telling where this wild game will lead you.

Glow Pong Mixed Competition Game Set

A true classic in the world of drinking games, beer pong is a game found at any party worth its weight in leprechaun’s gold. Looking to take your St. Patty’s beer pong game to the next level? This glow-in-the-dark set includes all the essentials for a beer pong game for the books, day or night, featuring 24 cups that light up in seven different colors and four glowing game balls. Show off your undeniable skills this St. Patrick’s Day and run the table!

Mad Wish Party Game

Add some new twists to your next game of Truth or Dare with the Mad Wish Party Game. This crowd-pleasing party game includes all of the staples of Truth or Dare, with added group roles and the opportunity to snitch on other players. Whether you’re making shocking revelations, making enemies, or taking drinks, this game is sure to add some heat to your festivities.

Grab a Piece Tower Drinking Game

For another twist on a timeless game, check out the Grab a Piece Tower Drinking Game! While the game plays similarly to the classic version we all know and love, the added party value of this game is the number of drinking challenges included on each block you remove from the tower. And be careful to avoid knocking over the tower… or you’ll be taking a shot out of one of the included shot glasses! This game is perfect for the pregame or during the height of the party to get everyone hyped up!

BUZZED Drinking Card Game

For a game that’s sure to get the ball rolling on your St. Patty’s Day festivities, the BUZZED Drinking Card game is a safe bet. As each person pulls a card and reveals a new instruction for the group, the good times are sure to ensue. With a fast-paced game like this one, you’ll be buzzed before you know it.

Table Top Shot Pong

Have you already established yourself as the beer pong champ? Take your table-top skills to the next level with the Table Top Shot Pong set. Rather than putting down cups of beer with every lost cup, this game employs shots instead. Once you prove you can conquer this game, there will be no question as to who holds the title of table-top champion.

Chugopoly Drinking Game

If you’re looking to add an easy-to-learn board game to your St. Paddy’s Day party, Chugopoly is a great choice to get the festivities going. This game has everything you need to get your party started with an included game board, pawns, die, cards, and instructions. All you need to supply are the drinks! If your group of friends is a competitive crew, this game is a no-brainer.

Shot Roulette

Red or black? Any casino frequenters at the party will be itching to try this simple and fun drinking game! Shot Roulette plays similarly to the roulette you may be familiar with, except in this version, you don’t win chips… you take shots! This roulette set includes a roulette wheel and two marbles. Once you fit in some shot glasses, fill them up with your liquor of choice, and assemble your crew, you’re all set! Are you ready to gamble?

Spin the Shot Drinking Game

This drinking game is the definition of keeping it simple. Spin the shot and whoever the arrow lands on, takes the shot… easy peasy, quick to learn, and sure to get the party going. Just know that when it’s your turn… there’s no turning back!

Think you’ve found the perfect drinking game (or games) for your St. Patrick’s Day party? For more options, check out our full collection of drinking games sure to bring your party to the next level. Before you know it, you’ll be filled to the brim with Irish spirit.