Time to decorate the tree, hang up that mistletoe, and get ready to slurp on some eggnog because it’s beginning to feel a lot like a Spencer’s Christmas! Now that we’re well into the holiday season, and the new year is quickly approaching, we’ve got to do Christmas right by celebrating the best ways we know how. Nothing says Christmas like tradition and so, in proper Spencer’s style, we’re going to show you some of our all-time favorite Christmas traditions so you can add them to your Christmas celebration this year. Whether you love giving gifts or love receiving them, you’ll have plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday once you get inspired by our favorite traditions. Grab your cookies, play some Christmas music, and take a seat right by the fire because here’s our list of Spencer’s favorite Christmas traditions for you and your family to enjoy.

Make gift exchanging fun

Everyone knows it’s impossible to have a proper Christmas celebration without presents! There are plenty of fun and exciting ways for you and your family to exchange gifts this holiday instead of just sticking them under the tree! Make gift-giving an exciting mystery this holiday by participating in a Secret Santa with your family. You never know who or what you’ll get as a result and the surprises will be unforgettable! What we love about Secret Santa is that you can use the opportunity to secretly get something really special for someone you care about.

If you and your family are more of the competitive type, then you’ll love swiping presents from one another in a hilarious game of White Elephant. By adding your own house rules, you can easily make any of these classic gift exchange games all your own and provide hours of fun for all of your guests. We love White Elephant because it’s the perfect chance to bring out some hilarious gag gifts. Plus, everyone will be so excited to open up their presents!

Countdown with an advent calendar

Make counting down the days until Christmas a part of your family’s tradition by using an advent calendar this holiday. Advent calendars are perfect for building suspense and anticipation leading up to Christmas. Your family will always be feeling in the Christmas spirit when they start each day by updating the calendar themselves. Using some arts and crafts from around the house to make your own calendar is an idea that kids will love and is simple and fun. This classic tradition is definitely one you’ll be keeping around for years to come.

Hide an Elf on the Shelf

Santa’s always got to have his little helpers keeping watch over who’s being naughty and who’s being nice. Adding a festive Elf on the Shelf to your home is the perfect way to get kids on their best behavior for Santa. One of the more modern traditions on our list, the Elf on the Shelf has become a holiday staple over the last few decades and it’s easy to figure out why. His adorable face, cute little outfit, and easy-to-pose body make him the perfect little helper to place around your home to keep watch. You never know where he’ll show up next!

Have a Christmas cookie exchange

Santa isn’t the only one who gets to enjoy some cookies this Christmas! Participating in a cookie exchange with friends and family is a great way to share the flavor of Christmas with everyone. Have friends and family each bake their own batch of fresh and delicious Christmas cookies and have them bring them along to the party for trading. Everyone will get to try everyone else’s cookies and you’ll all get to satisfy that sweet tooth. Plus, you’ll get the bring home a variety of treats without having to do all the work! You can’t have Christmas without the delicious taste of Christmas cookies so adding this tradition to your celebration should be a no-brainer. The more cookies the merrier!

Have an ugly Christmas sweater party

Ain’t no party like an ugly sweater party! Rock your finest (or ugliest) Christmas threads at the holiday party and gather the family for some hilarious photos. Make having an ugly Christmas sweater party a part of your Christmas tradition and you’ll have years and years of hilarious family photos to look back on. We’re huge fans of this tradition because there’s nothing better than making memories with those you care about. The uglier the sweater the better! Check out our entire collection of ugly sweaters right here!

Watch a Christmas movie together

Whether or not you consider Die Hard a Christmas movie is totally up to you. We don’t judge. As long as you choose to sit down and enjoy the film with the entire family. Some of our favorite holiday films only come on around this time of the year so there’s no chance we’re missing out! We can’t wait for some of our classic Christmas favorites like The Polar Express, Elf, A Christmas Story, and more. Don’t worry. We won’t hog all the popcorn and hot chocolate! Need a movie suggestion to watch with the fam? Check out our 25 Crack-Up Christmas Comedy Movies post on our blog!

Which one of these traditions will you add to your Christmas celebration this year? Tradition is what makes the Christmas season so special and why we love it so much (along with the decorations of course). Add some of these traditions to your Christmas this year and you’ll be sure to have a holly jolly good time this holiday. For more holiday ideas and more be sure to check out the rest of our content over at Spencers.com/blog.