Pole dancing is all the rage, and honestly, we’re here for it. We’re not necessarily talking about strip clubs here; we’re talking about a workout that doesn’t only make your body hotter, but also makes you feel your sexiest. There are so many pros to using pole dancing as a fitness technique and also tying it into your sex life. Let’s talk about.

Why should I try pole dancing?

Working out should be fun, and pole dancing is just that. When you take pole-dancing classes, you’re not only working on your body, but also your confidence. Being sexy is empowering, and while you work muscles in your body that you didn’t even know existed, you’ll unleash your sexuality, too. You’ll strengthen your upper body, your lower body and your core simultaneously while throwing that ass in a circle. Dancing is a form of self-expression and a total stress reliever. While stimulating your sexuality and getting your endorphins pumping, you’ll be getting yourself in shape and letting your mind reset. In addition to all of that, you’ll work on your balance and your coordination, which is honestly essential in everyday live. Sounds like a total win.

You’re sold, right? We know. Lucky for you, Spencer’s has portable poles that will scratch that exotic dancing itch you’ve been having.

How can I incorporate pole dancing into my sex life?

Our portable dance poles are the perfect way to continue your fitness journey AND incorporate all you’ve learned into your sex life. With easy and sturdy installation, you can bring a new level of sexy to your bedroom fun. Our stripper poles are exactly what you need to stay in shape and give your partner a little taste of what you have to offer. Teasing is pleasing, and we guarantee that your lover will go absolutely wild watching you work that pole.

It’s time for you to start dancing. Shop our stripper poles now, and you’ll be one step closer to a bangin’ body and an even sexier sex life.

Want to see more? Check out this awesome video of one of our favorite dancers, @iridescentavocado, showing everyone how it’s done!