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Blow Up Dolls

Kinky Kim Blow-Up Doll
Online Only
Tasty Tyrone Blow-Up Doll
Online Only
Beyonce Blow-Up Doll
Online Only
Inflatable Wife Blow-Up Doll
Fuck a Duck Blow-Up Doll
Online Only
Lovin' Lamb Blow-Up Doll
Fatty Patty Travel Size Blow-Up Doll
Mini Midget Man Blow-Up Doll

A blow up doll can be the perfect companion when you’re looking to switch up your masturbation routine, live out a sexual fantasy about a favorite celebrity or porn star or role-play some erotic exploration with a partner. Whatever your motivation, Spencer’s has a wide range of sex dolls (sometimes called love dolls) to suit all your passions. With these sex dolls, there’s no position too outrageous, and nothing is off limits.
The Sasha Grey Love Doll has three holes to meet all your sexual needs and provide plenty of variety, while the blonde bombshell Jenna is part of the Vivid blow-up doll collection, so porn viewers can take home a version of the lovely ladies they love to watch on their screens. Get off with these familiar faces who’ve got the bodies to match!
The Kinky Kim doll is perfect for those who lust after their favorite reality TV star; this life like sex doll bears a strong resemblance to a woman who clearly loves sex and revels in showing off her slammin’ body every chance she gets.
Looking for a male sex doll? We have many options, from the fit, trim and very sexy Tasty Tyrone to Boy-Toy Brad and the hunky Handyman.
You can enjoy these dolls on your own or select one with a partner and see what it would be like to have a fun version of a threesome, with no pressure to impress anyone but yourselves! If either of you are curious about what it would be like to bring another person into bed, a love doll you can talk to, maneuver and fantasize about can be the first step toward making your fantasy come true.
Spencers has the best realistic sex dolls as well as more humorous inflatable sex dolls that will make you the life of the bachelor party. You can get off however you want, straddling, stroking and manipulating your new love doll however you like. That’s part of the charm of these male and female blow up dolls; they’ll do whatever you want, no matter how naughty!