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Guys TV T Shirts

Spoiler alert: We know you love TV so much you’ll shush anyone who’s talking during your favorite show. Spencer’s has all the best TV tees that are perfect to wear while you’re munching on popcorn as you watch or when you’re out on the town.
Maybe you’re old school and feel nostalgia for the cartoons you used to watch on Saturday mornings, or you’re like a walking television guidebook with an encyclopedic memory of everything you consume. Perhaps you record your programs and savor them, while fast forwarding through the commercials, or if you’re a truly die-hard fan, you gather all your friends at your place to watch the latest episode as it airs. You may love elaborate plot twists that keep you guessing, or simpler ones that let you imagine being friends with the characters you see. Whether you’re exclusive to animated shows, comedy, drama, action, adventure, suspense, history or any other televised genre, you know what you like. You make sure you get your viewing in, even if you have to miss an occasional party to order in a pizza and catch up with the cast that feels like you know them better than some of your buddies.
Whatever type of TV viewer you are, even if you prefer to hate watch, there’s TV t-shirt that perfectly captures your small screen habits!