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Girls TV T Shirts

Central Perk T Shirt - Friends
90's All That T Shirt
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These days, there are more TV viewing choices than ever, between streaming shows and cable, giving you an endless array of options every time you pick up the remote control. Maybe you’re an obsessive who’s seen every single episode of your favorite long-running series and regularly quotes it to impress people, or you’re a more casual but no less passionate viewer whose face lights up when a beloved character appears onscreen as you’re channel surfing. Spencer’s has girls TV t-shirts that capture your special kind of fandom and will make you smile when you think of the onscreen antics that have ensued.

There’s a special bond that gets created between a TV show and its audiences. We get to know everything about the characters we tune in to week after week, from what they eat to how they sleep to who they date to their family’s quirks. We can’t help but feeling like they’re a part of our lives, and we may even refer to them as if we were with them when their most memorable events happened. They become a proxy for us and our own highs and lows, which is why there’s often an outcry when a network cancels a show with a cult following. You get that, and you want your shirts to celebrate the shows that you’d be heartbroken to live without.