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For some people, going to the movies isn’t just an occasional indulgence but a regular part of their entertainment repertoire. If you’re the type who always goes to see a film on opening day, then spends the rest of the day dissecting every decision the director made, the dialogue, the visuals and the acting, then you need a movie t-shirt that reflects your fandom. Whether you’re more of a Disney lover, Star Wars or Suicide Squad is your jam or you’re all about Pulp Fiction, Spencer’s has movie tees for every type of film taste.

Whether you’re a budding director or simply a truly dedicated movie buff, you can take your love of the big screen and translate it into your wardrobe. Wear it to your local cinema (where the staff no doubt know you because you’re there so often) or during your next home movie marathon. If you have every piece of Harry Potter dialogue not only memorized but incorporate it into your daily life, you’ll definitely want a t-shirt to showcase your love of the boy wizard and his Hogwarts pals.