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Girls Cartoon T Shirts

Who doesn’t love a good cartoon? You grew up watching them, eagerly awaiting those weekend mornings when you didn’t have school and could indulge in hours upon hours of animated goodness beamed through your television screen. And even though you’ve grown up, your viewing habits may still retain nostalgia for that feeling of pure excitement over watching cartoons. You weren’t trying to score points by how cool whatever hip new show was or ignore your social media feed to avoid spoiler alerts. You were in it for the pure entertainment value, and that’s what still keeps you glued to old favorites like The Little Mermaid and classic Nickelodeon shows as well as modern hits like Bob’s Burgers. After all, don’t we all have a little Tina Belcher in us? Spencer’s girls cartoon tees run the gamut from classics to current, letting those animated characters you love come to life and brighten your day. Admit it—you can’t be in a bad mood when you think about cartoons, and the same applies for these t-shirts!