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Bath & Shower

Liquid Sex Silicone Lube - 4 oz.
Online Only
SEXplosion Bath Bombs
Online Only
Mood Silicone Based Lube - 4 oz.
Online Only
Fleshlight Shower Mount
Online Only
OptiMale Silcone Based Lube - 4 oz.
Online Only
BackSlide Silicone Anal Lube 4 Pack
Online Only

Just because you’re in the water, doesn’t mean you automatically have enough natural lubrication to get it on, so Spencer’s offers waterproof lubes for all your sexual needs. Love to do it in the shower or want to enjoy a solo session in the bath? Consider one of our personal lubricants that will keep you wet right where you need it. We even have an anal lube made with silicone designed to stay slick underwater so you can enjoy a butt plug or other form of anal penetration.
Scented bath bombs in aromas such as sensual lavender, cherry blossom, or jasmine lemongrass let you luxuriate as you soak away the stress of your day on your own or with a lover; we recommend bringing a waterproof vibrator or other sex toy into the tub with you to double your pleasure! We know that sex doesn’t only happen in the bedroom, so now you can enjoy splashing around naked and seeing where the sensual moment takes you without worrying about not being slippery enough where it counts.